Here we discuss the blood, sweat and cameras that go into a production, and write about our discussions with directors and producers. You won't find your regular mom-and-pop movie reviews here; anyone can write a simple opinion piece. We strive to post articles that contain deep analysis, cool facts about the production, historical context, or interviews with the filmmakers.

Listed in alphabetical order by title.

★ Argo - Affleck Flaunting Directorial Superpowers (Ben Affleck)
★ Cloud Atlas - Mission Unfilmable (Lana and Andy Wachowski, Tom Tykwer)
★ Here and There (Aqui y Alla) - Exclusive Interview @ NYFF (Antonio Mendez Esparza)
★ Holy Motors - Q&A with Director Leos Carax (Leos Carax)
★ Lincoln - Sneak peek, Spielberg Q&A @ NYFF (Steven Spielberg)
★ The Master - What You Should Like About It Even If You Didn't Like It (Paul Thomas Anderson)
★ Samsara - Flow, Birth, and Rebirth in 70mm (Ron Fricke)
★ Side by Side - Digital Killed the Celluloid Star (Christopher Kenneally)
★ Wreck-It Ralph - Proustian Madeleine in 8-bits (Rich Moore)

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