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FilmFAC.com is not a movie review website. We aim to go above and beyond to educate you about the coolest part about watching movies: the way that the director intended you to watch it. Whether that means providing historical context, understanding the technical intricacies of moviemaking, or just giving you fun road-trip trivia, we will try to expose hidden ways of loving your favorite films even more.

This website started in September 2012 when Esteban Riojas posted an article to help you decide when watching a film in 3D or IMAX makes sense. Esteban has been passionate about film ever since he was a little kid. He would watch every flick he could, sitting in the first row of the old school one-screen movie theater near his home.

FilmFAC is an abbreviation of "Film from a clearer world." The title of the blog is a quote from The Republic by Plato; the simile of the cave. The simile is a way to explain the ascent of the mind from belief and opinion (illusion) to knowledge and truth (reality). One of the translators has noted that the cave can be substituted by the modern cinema: if someone is born and raised in a theater he would believe the images projected on the screen as reality. If he were forcibly dragged out of the theater, he would come to the conclusion that everything he knew before was wrong and would understand the camera as the source of the images, and the sun as the source of light, the seasons, etc. 

However, moving between darkness and light can be confusing. When someone who has been outside of the theater returns and "sees a mind confused and unable to see clearly he will ask himself whether it has come from a clearer world and is confused by the unaccustomed darkness, or whether it is dazzled by the stronger light of the clearer world to which it has escaped from its previous ignorance."

Plato further argues that the capacity for knowledge is innate in each man's mind; you can't implant sight, but only ensure that someone who has it already is not either turned in the wrong direction or looking the wrong way. We hope you enjoy our posts and use them to appreciate your favorite movies even more.

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