Roger Ebert: 1942 - 2013

There are several ways of ranking movies: IMDb's Top 250, Rottentomatoes, Metacritic... But more often than not when I Google a movie (and I Google them a lot), I begin the search with the word "Ebert". He could explain why I'm obsessed with movies better than I can, from Fellini and Bergman to mass market blockbusters. For example, in this Star Wars review from January 1st, 1977: "The movie relies on the strength of pure narrative, in the most basic storytelling form known to man, the Journey. All of the best tales we remember from our childhoods had to do with heroes setting out to travel down roads filled with danger, and hoping to find treasure or heroism at the journey's end..." Well, here are Ebert's last words on his last post two days before his death: "So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I'll see you at the movies."

Heaven's movie theater today:

He definitely found treasure in his journey, in the form of the love and adoration of his millions of fans, as evidenced by the outpouring on Twitter. He had more to him than movies though, as you can see from his incredibly emotional 2011 Ted talk below. He will be missed.