Samsara - Flow, Birth, and Rebirth in 70mm

Thank you Ron Fricke, for making this gorgeous cathedral of meditation that nobody will see. This is the first movie in over a decade to shoot entirely in 70mm film. But without a single word of dialogue, in the modern babbleopolis of iPhone chatter, the likelihood that this film breaks even is low. Sadly, out of the six people in the theater, two of them strolled out after 20 minutes. But I'm guessing that's not why this film was made. I old-man-ly shushed them out after they stood up.

This movie is an incredible exercise in... well, exercise. They had to lug the Super Panavision 70 camera to 25 different countries, from sulphur mines in Java and to deserts in Namibia, from the Grand Canyon to the Chinese slaughterhouse. By the end of the movie, you will be exhausted by the sheer logistical complexity of putting this together. They must have shed a few pounds.

If you want to disconnect for an hour and a half - unplug from the world and watch eternity flow before your eyes, without concern for linearity or story- yeah I thought you wouldn't. "Samsara" took everything everyone hated about "The Tree of Life" and expanded on it; it should be showing on an endless loop in the MoMa. For what it's worth, I loved it. It was disturbing and peaceful and made me enjoy my luck in the universe. The music was beautiful and involving. I wish the masses could enjoy watching this instead of Bravo. Oh well.

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